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Re: [IP] carb counting

> I need some help with accurate calculations..... The CDE/dietician I
> spoke to when I first started on the pump said to calculate a bolus
> for pasta in this way:
>      1oz =  10g CHO  so,  say 5 oz  of pasta = 50g CHO
Lets go back to basics. There is a fundamental problem here. Pasta in 
it's cooked form is basically a liquid or at a minimum, a liquid 
saturated solid. The dry weight of the original pasta is of no use in 
determining the serving size after cooking. 

Read the package contents.

It will say a serving size is (for pasta as I recall) 
41 grams of carbo and that the package contains 8 servings.
Total 330 grams for the whole mess

This would be a one pound package of pasta. So....

You make the pasta, drain it and before doing anything else with it, 
measure the resulting volume of the noodles. Should be about 7 to 
7  1/2 cups. Let's say 7 for this example. 330 dvi 7 = 47 grams per 
cup. If you want half a cup..... and so on.

Forget what is says in the books. Figure it out for the foods you 
commonly eat. It's much more accurate and provides a better 
understanding for estimates when you eat out.

This method is very accurate for all cooked cererals, and a similar 
method is very accurate for all home cooking.

A whole box cake (from memory) is about 350 grams as I recall. If you 
make buttercream frosting, its another 400 to 500 grams, depending on 
how much sugar you put in. (lets say 450) That gives 350+450 = 800 
grams for the whole cake. 1/16 is 50 grams for her piece. Watch out 
for over bolusing on this kind of stuff. The fat in the frosting 
"hides" the sugar from the body for a long time. Treat as 35 - 40 
grams the first couple of times. Or.... use gnache instead, only 
about 150 - 200 grams for the same amount of frosting.

Also, read the howto's on checking carb/insulin, etc.... ratios. make 
sure you have it right, 8 sounds a little low

Keep the questions comming, we have answers

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