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Re: [IP] bike shorts and safety pins

> A few days ago you told us about Lily and her homecoming dance
> dress.  You mentioned that she attached her pump to a pair of
> bicycle shorts with a safety pin.  Could you elaborate, if possible?

Sure the pump was slid up inside the bike pant so the pant held it 
against her leg with the clip on the outside of the short. You can 
imagine like this that with a few good jiggles it would slide out.

So.... we put in a small diaper size (not the big one, the 1 1/4" 
one) horizontally at about the same level as the end of the clip. The 
clip has that little hook on the very end and the wire of the safety 
pin was slipped under that. Now, the the pump can't get away it is 
basically hanging on the safety-pin. However, lifting up an eighth of 
an inch slides the clip free of the wire and then the pump can be 
slipped down and out of the short-leg.

>  (I imagine you weren't in the room while she was getting dressed --
> you were probably downstairs giving the young man the standard "if
> you touch my daughter" lecture <vbg>.) 

He arrived on time and she was only 10 minutes late. Not bad ehh.
The only bashful person in our house hold is my son. He actually 
locks the bathroom door. Everyone else strolls around...... I know 
he's a "son" because I was there when he was born. Well...., I have 
to constantly remind the 'girls' (young and old alike) that it might 
be nice if they closed the blinds before strolling au'natural thru 
the house.

>  Exactly how was the safety
> pin used to secure the pump?
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