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[IP] IV 3000 tape/Sofset problem


I recently started on a new box of SofSets, along with the new tape it is
shipped with.  I have found that on the last 2 sites, after 2-3 days, the
hole in the IV 3000 tape stretches to the point that the cannula comes out
and the entire housing can fall out.  I usually go 6+ days on one site, so
this is aggravating and annoying, since I am having to watch the sites so
closely, as I found out the hard way that this was happening.

Has anyone else noticed this and if so, what do you do?   I guess I could
just add another layer of Tegaderm on top, but my thrift genes are coming
through and I find that too much tape causes other problems.

type 1, 19 years
pump, 13 years and 11 months (yes, I am counting and plan to take my pump
out dancing for our anniversary!)

email @ redacted                             Vancouver, BC, Canada

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