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[IP] carb counting

I need some help with accurate calculations..... The CDE/dietician I spoke to
when I first started on the pump said to calculate a bolus for pasta in this

     1oz =  10g CHO  so,  say 5 oz  of pasta = 50g CHO

but after recently reading the Pumping Insulin book an appendix at the back
gave a diffferent way:

      wt in grams       x      .24       =    #g CHO
      of portion      

By using this method and the same serving size (5 oz  is approx  150g)  

        150g  x  .24    =      36g  CHO

For my CHO to insulin ratio (8 : 1)   the amount of insulin would be very
different, either  6.3    or      4.5   units.

Does anyone have a more accurate way of working this out?  I would really
appreciate your help.  I want to have as godd control as possible, but want to
avoid hypos.   Thanks.
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