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[IP] NOT encouraging research news :-(

I also went to a Research program about a week ago.  The speaker was Anders
Sima, MD, PhD from Wayne University.  He talked a great deal about the Beta
Cell Transplant.  The research sounded pretty exciting until someone asked
about how they plan on administering the beta cells so the body would not
reject or start a attack to destroy the cell.  Somehow they plan on putting
it in the brain.  I didn't totally understand the process nor was I excited
when the doctor said we didn't need or use all of our brain.  The study is
going to be taking place in Finland first.  

There is also studies taking place to look at the role of the c-peptides.
Or shall I say the lack of c-peptides in type1s.  (Do type 2's still have
c-peptides?)   Seems there is some thought that c-peptides are necessary to
stop or slow down the complications of diabetes.  C-peptides have a very
short life and may be administered with something like an insulin pump.  

Lastly, is more gene research taking place to see if they can turn the
genes off that may be causing complications and eventually turn off the
gene (s) that may be causing diabetes.  

>For some stupid reason, I had believed that a cure for this disease would be
>while my child was still a child. After attending this seminar, I guess I have
>been shocked into the reality that this will not be the case. I may not even
>be around to see him cured! I ask again, "What can we do?"

Know where your money is going and how much of your contribution is being
spent on admin and how much is going to research.   Don't forget your local
non profit diabetes groups.   I know that the Erie County Diabetes
Association is really pushing the "education" and helping the needy.  While
all of this money is being spent on research, you still have to educate
people on how to take care of themselves.   The doctors also need to have
more education.  

I sure don't see a cure in my lifetime. =-(  

Margaret Dowd  -  mailto:email @ redacted  

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