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[IP] Re: having children

I may be a little late in responding to this.  But frankly Alot of the
responses upset me.  I have more than a few relatives with diabetes.  Three of
my four grandparents have type 2 and one of my eight great-grandparents had
type one.  I could go even farther back, but I won't.  I think to some piont
it is hereditary but that really isn't a reason not to have kids.  I also have
a beautiful 4 month old and wheater or not she gets diabetes is up to fate to
decide.  Besides not all people get diabetes gentetically  I have a friend
whose pancreas was damaged in a car crash.  I know when I was first diagnosed
I hated it so much until someone told me it was a disability or a flaw.  This
idea really angered me and I decided to prve them wrong.  I don't believe it
is anymore a flaw or a disablity than being a blonde, redhead or a brunette.
Sure you can change those things but ya know with a pump diabetes really isn't
so bad.

Making her diabetes live around her not the other way around  
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