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Re: [IP] Michael's DCCT stats as evidence


Amen!  I love how you put it.  I wish I could have put it so well.  It's so nice
to read someone else's email that feels the same way as I do.  I refuse to work
with physicians we "tell" dictate what to do.  This is my body, the illness is
in this body and I am the one that needs to do the work.  I like working with a
physician.  Growing up I was told I would be dead by the age of 21, I am 38, I
guess I showed them!  :-)  Thanks again for your wonderful words.


LBE (Lennox) wrote:

> Just one question in the scare 'em into good control approach.  I'll use
> your numbers as it's been a few months since I reread the stats.  What will
> you then say if your daughter ends up one of the "unlucky" 30 - 40% who
> maintained tight control and still have the complications.  Personally, I'm
> questioning whether the lows, the hassles, and the berations will still seem
> worth it.  What do you then say - oh you must have somehow lied and you are
> a rotten person because you have the complication?  Think about it now.  30
> to 40 percent is not a small fraction.  I don't think that threats work in
> the long run.  I know that I've fired every doc that tried to be a dictator
> even when he knew little about my diabetes as compared to the person who was
> living it.  I'd hate to have that sort of relationship with a parent.   Of
> course most of us have rebelled in some way as kids, so I guess as parents
> you have to make your choices.
> Take care,
> Lori
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