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Re: [IP] Re: Poor man's pump, reply to Dianne

> > and unlike MDI the pump actually works
> I wonder how much of my yo-yo bgs on MDI were
> the inconsistencies between U and my basal needs.
> Even the steady basal rate that work when I first
> started pumpin was impossible with the U peak.  The
> changes in my basal rate after starting synthroid
> 3 weeks ago would be impossible on MDI without bad
> hypos and/or high bgs.
> Joanne

Probably most of the yo-yo action was the inconsistency.  We've still got 
doctors who believe that "one rate fits all" - and I wonder if they're the same 
group that thinks that U doesn't have a significant peak action and thus is 
supplying this single basal rate...

That's the thing about MDI - it works and can be used but the effort expended 
is immense and there are some inherent problems because of the variability of 
absorption with the long acting insulins.  What I've seen people do is "relax" 
their control on MDI to a point where it is "managable"... and end up with 
average bg values around 200...   and the really sad thing is that there are 
doctors and nurses around who actually encourage it.

Randall P. Winchester
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