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Re: [IP] Michael's DCCT stats as evidence

Lori, I agree 100%!  I've always made sure Kristina knows that we are shooting
for good numbers so she can be healthy and feel good enough to play soccer or do
her school work or whatever!  We don't talk about complications much in our
house!  I don't want to scare her and I don't want to lie to her that she will
avoid complications by having good blood sugars!  We HAVE discussed it but it's
just not a big issue right now for her and I'm happy to keep it that way!  We
focus more on healthy living and feeling good to do the things we want to do!


"LBE (Lennox)" wrote:

> Just one question in the scare 'em into good control approach.  I'll use
> your numbers as it's been a few months since I reread the stats.  What will
> you then say if your daughter ends up one of the "unlucky" 30 - 40% who
> maintained tight control and still have the complications.  Personally, I'm
> questioning whether the lows, the hassles, and the berations will still seem
> worth it.  What do you then say - oh you must have somehow lied and you are
> a rotten person because you have the complication?  Think about it now.  30
> to 40 percent is not a small fraction.  I don't think that threats work in
> the long run.  I know that I've fired every doc that tried to be a dictator
> even when he knew little about my diabetes as compared to the person who was
> living it.  I'd hate to have that sort of relationship with a parent.   Of
> course most of us have rebelled in some way as kids, so I guess as parents
> you have to make your choices.
> Take care,
> Lori
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