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Re: [IP] Wearing pump with Saline solution

Hi Dennis,

My husband and I wore both the Mini Med and the Disetronic for a few days
each and we never experienced buring saline!  We each had experiences when
the catheter was getting uncomfortable and other things that made the test
of the pump really good!  I fell in the water with it, I accidentally pulled
it out, we each liked different sets for one reason or another and everytime
we needed a "bolus", we gave it to Kristina and told her what to do!  One
night, while it was still connected to me, I handed her the Mini Med and
asked her to just play with it but to tell me when she was giving me a
"bolus"!  She had a great time!  She thought it was so neat giving Mommy
boluses whenever she  felt like it!  Trying it out first is a great thing to
do for your daughter!  Let us know what you think of it and what happens!


Dennis Cardone wrote:

> I will be wearing the MiniMed 507c pump starting next Wednesday for one
> week using saline solution. I think this will help me experience what my
> daughter will have to deal with. Question: someone said the saline
> solution burns. Is this true?
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