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Re: [IP] Pumping on empty

You can disconetc the luer lock and put some air in the syringe. Put all 
back together and bolus enough (disconected of coures) to tighten the 
pump/syringe interface, then the pump will deliver the remaining insulin 
in the line. This is reccommended for EMERGENCIES only.


On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Ted Quick wrote:

> Melva Richards wrote:
> > 
> > Has anyone tested this out: if the syringe or resevoir is empty (runs
> > out of insulin), does the pump continue to push the insulin that's in
> > the tubing into you, or is it the end of the insulin you're going to get
> > when the resevoir is empty?  
> Yes, that's the end of it. The insulin is pushed by the plunger moving down
> the syringe, it can't affect the insulin remaining in the hose since it doesn't
> have anything to push THROUGH the hose.
> I know there are about 20 units in the
> > tubing; that would give me almost a whole day.  But would I get that
> > insulin?
> The only way to get that insulin from the tubing would be to disconnect, 
> take the syringe off the tubing, fill it with air and have the air replace 
> the insulin when the plunger pushes it into the tube. Some here have used this
> as
> an emergency procedure when they raan out of insulin away from home with no 
> supplies, but it CAN get tricky. Air compresses, unlike fluids, so the insulin
> may deliver differently than when it is coming from a syringe with only 
> insulin in it. Also you would need to be real careful to replace when the 
> insulin is far down the tube so you didn't have a gap in delivery.
> Ted Quick
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