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Re: [IP] From Patty & Pete (SCAREY)

In a message dated 98-11-17 03:19:48 EST, you write:

<<  (oh, my wife hates me now)

>>I can see why.<<
<< We check her BS every 15 -30 - 60 min depending on her current BS. >>
>>A bit over protective.<<

<< The last few days her BS have been around 150-180 because we are a little
gun shy with the insulin.>>

>>Understandable, but a bit too high.  Under 140 is best after meals.<<  
 in women who don't know they are diabetic until the 7 month of pregnancy.
<< I'm a airline pilot so I am not at home everynight.  Is there any device
 that can warn her when her BS is low at night, wake her up, and if she
 doesn't respond in some way it will automatically call someone?>>
>>If on a MiniMed pump, the auto-off feature can be programmed to go off at a
pre-selected time if no buttons are pushed. It is useful to set for those
early AM BG checks.  The pump shuts off and gives an alarm.  It would have to
be re-set at that time, however.<< 

<<Are these numbers correct - 1 unit reg will lower BS about 30-50 points on
 average ? >>   
>>This varies...depends on the total daily insulin dose divided into 1500 for
Regular and into 1800 for Humalog.<<

 <<15 grams of carbo will raise BS about 30 pts?>>
>>Also varies....4-5 grams can raise BG 16-20 points, on average for most
adults.  15 grams could raise BG 60 points.>>
 Barbara B. (MS,RN,CDE) 
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