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Re: [IP] Pumping on empty

Melva Richards wrote:
> Has anyone tested this out: if the syringe or resevoir is empty (runs
> out of insulin), does the pump continue to push the insulin that's in
> the tubing into you, or is it the end of the insulin you're going to get
> when the resevoir is empty?  

Yes, that's the end of it. The insulin is pushed by the plunger moving down
the syringe, it can't affect the insulin remaining in the hose since it doesn't
have anything to push THROUGH the hose.

I know there are about 20 units in the
> tubing; that would give me almost a whole day.  But would I get that
> insulin?

The only way to get that insulin from the tubing would be to disconnect, 
take the syringe off the tubing, fill it with air and have the air replace 
the insulin when the plunger pushes it into the tube. Some here have used this
an emergency procedure when they raan out of insulin away from home with no 
supplies, but it CAN get tricky. Air compresses, unlike fluids, so the insulin
may deliver differently than when it is coming from a syringe with only 
insulin in it. Also you would need to be real careful to replace when the 
insulin is far down the tube so you didn't have a gap in delivery.

Ted Quick
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/