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[IP] Press Release

I thought you all might be interested in a project I am involved with.
This is the text of the official press release, check out the web-site for
more info.

Jeremy A.

For release: Nov 14, WORLD DIABETES DAY

Subject: International team of mountaineers planning all-diabetic ascent
of South America's highest peak to benefit diabetic research and support

	Madison, Wis. - January 2000 will be a milestone in many ways but for
an international group of mountaineers it will mark the beginning of a
journey of personal challenge and commitment as this group of
insulin-dependent diabetic athletes attempts to summit Cerro Aconcagua,
the highest point in the western hemisphere, at 22,834 feet above sea
	Known as IDEA 2000 (International Diabetic Expedition Aconcagua, year
2000) the expedition intends to raise awareness of both the struggles
and the triumphs experienced by persons living with diabetes. At the
same time, the team's goal is to raise money for diabetes research and
projects intended to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes.
	Thanks to the dedication of scientists, doctors and educators, people
with diabetes have been given the chance to live full lives without
limitations. Cerro Aconcagua poses a formidable goal. IDEA 2000 team
members are confident that they will succeed and that the expedition
will serve as a reminder to diabetics and to people around the world of
how far the fight to conquer diabetes has come and how much has yet to
be accomplished.
	 Men and women of the climbing team belong to the International
Diabetic Athletes Association, range in age from 24 to 51 years, and
live throughout the United States, with one member from Barcelona,
Spain. IDEA 2000 is reaching out to other diabetic climbers around the
world to complete its international roster.
	The expedition's fund raising goal is $2.1 million for research and
projects that will enhance the lives of diabetics.  IDEA 2000 is
committed to spending less than five percent of this money for
expedition related expenses.  The other 95% of the money donated will go
directly to diabetic research and projects helping those affected by
diabetes. Several major diabetes associations have been approached for
assistance in managing, collection and distribution of these funds. Of
special interest are the needs of diabetics in Latin-America, for many
of whom insulin and other diabetes care necessities are in short supply.
	Medical knowledge of the effects of altitude on diabetics and on the
functioning of the devices they depend on such as insulin pumps and
blood sugar monitoring devices is scant. At least one major diabetic
equipment manufacturer is considering a sponsorship of the group to
field test the function of their products under this severe environment.
Researchers also express interest in the expedition as a unique
opportunity for gathering needed data to better understand the effects
of altitude on persons with diabetes.
	With the projected date of the climb just 14 months away, preparations
are underway. For more information or if you are an interested potential
sponsor visit the IDEA 2000 website at
http://www.orcs.com/toddclare/idea2000.htm or contact Todd Clare,
project coordinator at (757) 366-5148 or David Panofsky, outreach
coordinator, at (608) 256-0590.


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/