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Re: [IP] Pumping on empty


                 From my short time pumping (12 wonderful days) I have had 2
"No Delivery"
alarms. That was because my reservoir was empty and there was no more
insulin to be delivered. I tried to see if the pump would give the unused
insulin to me but it just kept giving the no delivery alarm. I guess once
it's empty than that's it. Ofcourse, you could disconnect the site from
yourself and draw the unused insulin out of the tube and reuse it but I am
not sure how wise that would be. Anyway. my .02 worth.


Melva Richards wrote:

> Has anyone tested this out: if the syringe or resevoir is empty (runs
> out of insulin), does the pump continue to push the insulin that's in
> the tubing into you, or is it the end of the insulin you're going to get
> when the resevoir is empty?  I know there are about 20 units in the
> tubing; that would give me almost a whole day.  But would I get that
> insulin?
> Melva Richards
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