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Re: [IP] Re: hypo migraines


I am the mother of a diabetic and have hypoglycemia (humm... wonder whose
blood lines our daughter got the diabetes from???)  

Anyway, it doesn't take much of a low blood sugar (low 60's) for me to get a
severe migraine.  All along my doctor said the migraines had nothing to do
with the low blood sugar however, since Laura's diagnosis we keep Glucose
tablets handy I am much more likely to take a tablet when I am feeling low.
He told me all along that it was stress which i always thought odd since I am
not a stressful type person.  

Also interesting that during this past year of her diagnosis which HAS BEEN
THE MOST STRESSFUL year of my life  -  I have had NO migraines.  

Sherri Lynn~

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