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[IP] BG=29

Many years ago -- 20 to be exact -- before the advent of home glucose
monitoring, I was pregnant with my perfect child and going to the clinic
3X daily for glucose monitoring.  Of course, none of this was very
usefull since it took them more than 12 hours to process the stuff.  I
went for a 3:00 check and drove home pretty uncomfortable.  Next
morning, I hear this sweet voice on the phone saying "Did you get home
okay?  Your blood sugar was 29!"  Lot of good it did me then.  Anyway
(hear me knocking on wood again?)  I continue to function w/ very low
blood sugars (but don't piss me off!).  Also, during this time, a hypo
was severe enough that I really thought I understood why the 900+
disciples of Jim Jones would willing kill themselves for this crazy
man.  Thank God for home glucose monitoring!

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