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Re: [IP] From Patty & Pete (SCAREY)

> individually so this is to everyone.   We no longer accept a BS of
> 79 as normal - especially at night.  
Good idea, but don't overreact

>We have our emergency kits in
> the car,  our home and our relatives homes and in her purse. She
> will never be alone while driving and when she is alone at home
> someone always knows. If her BS drops below 80 she will turn off the
> pump take some glucose tablets,  
That's not necessarily a good idea unless it is still delivering a 
meal bolus (square wave). Basal insulin takes some time to become 
effective and this could produce a nice zig zag. Try to identify why 
the low is occuring before jumping to conclusions. Enough glucose to 
get you to 150 give you time to make those decisions.

Also.... what kind of meter are you using? Does it measure blood 
glucose or serum glucose levels? If serum glucose levels, then raise 
all your targets 20 %. 100 becomes the threshold for minimum bg level 
for a serum measurement rather than 80 for blood glucose.

> call someone to let them know of
> her status. She does have a cell phone.  (oh, my wife hates me now)
> We check her BS every 15 -30 - 60 min depending on her current BS. 
> The last few days her BS have been around 150-180 because we are a
> little gun shy with the insulin.  The Dr. has us checking her BS at
> Midnight,  3:00am - 5:00am and 6:30am during the night.  Just until
> the first trimester is over. He said the BS shouldn't be so brittle
> after that.  Just a few more weeks. (she just about 10 weeks now) 
> The Dr. said not to worry, the baby should be fine.  The low BS
> don't hurt the fetus.  If you have extreme sustained highs it
> increases the chances of problems.  He told us most fetus problems
> occur in women who don't know they are diabetic until the 7 month of
> pregnancy.
>  I think he's trying to relax us because both of us are worried)
> Anyway I have some new questions for everyone,
> I'm a airline pilot so I am not at home everynight.  Is there any
> device that can warn her when her BS is low at night, wake her up,
> and if she doesn't respond in some way it will automatically call
> someone? ( Don't worry, While she is pregnant until 1 yr after she
> will sleep at her mom's when I'm gone.
> Are these numbers correct - 1 unit reg will lower BS about 30-50
> points on average ?  15 grams of carbo will raise BS about 30 pts? 
> I know it can be different for everyone and their situation so I'm
> looking for averages.  Any suggestions would be great.
> Well that's it for now, once again thanks for the help everyone,
> Pete & Patty Corrao
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