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Re: [IP] Why have children - Christene

Hi Christene,
It appears that I am in about the same position you are. I have been out of
control for about 18 of my 22 years with DM. The idea of having children is
what brought me to consider an insulin pump. 

I respect each person here and the decision they have made for themselves and
their families. I have made my own. I'd like to share it with you, hoping that
your decision may be easier.

At this time (keep in mind, things always change with time and technology),
considering the risk to a child, to myself and to the chances of passing on
genes for an autoimmune disease I will try to have one child naturally. I am
also pursuing adoption as I plan to have 3-4 children. Although there are many
factors in my decision, the one that played largest in my decision to only
have one naturally is the idea that the less I put my body through (afterall I
have not treated it well til now), the better chance I have of seeing my
children grow up.

Adoption is expensive through an agency. Here in Texas about 20,000 before you
ever buy the first diaper. As you stated, there are government agencies such
as Child Protective Services that place older children. I know of one person
on this list who has adopted 2 children through a lawyer and may currently be
adopting a 3rd. They were told of a birthmother through friends and family
doctors. The costs they have told me are between 2,000 and 4,000. The
difficulty is finding a birthmother. You may also want to check out the
organizations that are sponsored by churches. These are subsidized and costs
are dictated by a sliding scale. I wish you well. - Katie
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