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[IP] Why have children

This has been something that I have struggled with.  Its not an easy one for
some people. There are those who have replied and said that they are
extremely happy with their children. That is wonderful. I personally don't
know if I can ever get my diabetes in enough control to be able to have a
healthy pregnancy.  I have pretty much have had 13 years of uncontrolled
diabetes.  Right now there are no signs of problems, but I don't know when
they might come up.  This same question was why I wanted the pump, among
many other reasons.  I don't want to be a sick mother. I don't want to be an
inconvenience or burden for my children. I Don't want them to take care of
me, that's my job.  I probably won't ever have a child of my own, but that
isn't going to stop me from having a family. There are many children out
there that are crying for someone to love them.  I'm not rich, I could never
afford a private adoption.  But here we have the foster adopt program.  I
have seen some successes in this.  I wouldn't get so harsh on someone for
not wanting to put a child through jeopardy.  That was a choice that this
person made.  I think that is the most important thing, is to have the
choice available.  I would talk things over with your doctor fully to see
what they might think of the risk factors for you.  You can see that I
haven't fully made up my mind.  And I won't do anything until I have.  This
has to be a 100% venture.  and that's my pennies worth

Christene Ullom
"Sell crazy someplace else - we're all stocked up here" - Jack Nicholson
from "As Good As It Gets"

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