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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #632

I really appreciate the open and honest answers I've recieved and maybe it 
will help those of you angry with me to know that I have struggled with 
this question for the last several years. I am a very brittle diabetic and 
was not expected to live beyond age sixteen. I am now twenty seven and 
being encouraged by my md's to go on disability. I am sick because of the 
diabetes three weeks of the month and because of this I suffer severe 
depression and have been suicidal many times. I cannot imagine the thought 
of putting a child through the hell I've been through and am going through. 
I love children and God willing if I ever get well enough to have a husband 
and family I will be able to adopt. I don't care if they have a disease of 
two because at least I'll know I wasn't the genetic cause and I certainly 
won't throw the baby out with the water as one member put it. For anyone 
that cares I am a pediatric recovery room and ICU nurse and have been 
honored at my hospital for my outstanding nursing care. I hope this helps 
those of you angry at me for the question and let's you know I really am 
interested in your honest answers;
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