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[IP] Tp Pete & Your Wife


There seems to have been plenty posted about best wishes and possible ways
to get sugar into your wife.  I had a few other thoughts as well.

I have had diabetes for 31 of my 34 years and have been on a pump for
almost 8 years.  I met my husband 10 years ago and almost to the day began
having very serious control problems.  I lost consciousness 2-3 times a
week, once at the busiest intersection of the Toronto subway system in the
door of the subway car.  Terrifying to say the least.  Especially since I
had really been a model diabetic for the prvious twenty years.

I even spent the first night of my honeymoon in the New Orleans emergency
department.  I had laid down to rest after a huge supper and shortly
thereafter my husband found me in a semi-conscious state on the bed.  I
forgot to pack Glucagon, the sugar tablets I brought were so hard he
couldn't get then dissolved into my mouth and I was clenching my teeth
together.  to make a long story short - I was o.k. after over 4 hours with
the ambulance guys and in the hospital and very bloody sheets (as they
couldn't seem to get the I.V. in my arm).  I can't remember much of that
first night of what should have been the most romantic wonderful night of
my life.

The first year of our relationship, my husband saved me from serious harm
many many times.  He always was and still is extremely calm, no matter how
serious things seem.  He has called the ambulance several times and my
mother several others.  I see him as my Prince Charming and feel he was put
here especially for me.  

Despite the fact that your wife may seem completely unconscious I think she
can still sense your presence and nervousness.  Stay calm, kind and
reassuring - even if she bites you, swears, thrashes or maybe even can't
seem to respond to your presence.

I had a beautiful, but huge baby just over five years ago.  I tested
constantly and maintained pretty good sugar levels.  I also kept a very
detailed log of my insulin needs, weight gain and BG levels.  Although I
did not experience any bouts of unconsciousness during pregnancy, I did
have several during the 6 months afterwards when I was nursing.  This
seemed to drain every ounce of energy from me and if I didn't snack before
and during my nursing I was in trouble.  Just somehting to watch out for.

I also had my insulin levels triple over the nine months of pregnancy -
from 50 units at week one to over 150 by the last weeks.  I don't know if
this is normal but it might happen.  I was told to just keep increasing my
insulin as I grew.

Lastly, I currently have more low episodes than I would like.  The worst
ones happen when I wake up.  It seems that if my sugar drops continually
and slowly through the night it is very hard to bring my sugar level back
up.  I have been at 25 more than once and eaten everything in the house
before my number will begin to rise.

Point being, if you wife's sugars are continually low when you test in the
morning one of the easiest ways to get some long lasting energy through the
night is to eat a good snack before bed.  What that is varies from person
to person - I find a carbohydrate (bread, cereal) with a protein (cheese,
peanut butter ) and a glass of milk seems to last for me.  

I know I have probably written more than you wanted to read but a pregnancy
- a a good husband - are two great gifts for a diabetic woman.  I hope I
have helped in some small way.

Feel free to write me personally if you have any thoughts concerns or

Best of luck and stay patient, calm and reassuring.


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