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Re: [IP] Ha1c and birth weight


>From what I know, genetics have very little to do with the birth weight of
a baby. (Although I may be wrong).  I maintained my Bg levels through my
entire pregnancy at less than 9 yet had a 12 pound one ounce baby, three
weeks early.  I was told that levels over 10 greatly increased the size of
the fetus.  When they did the last ultrasound, three days before I was
induced they told be to expect a big baby, maybe nine pounds.  Needless to
say, we were all shocked.

My dad is 6'6" tall, weighs about 298 pounds and had a size 16 foot.  He
was less than five pounds when born.

I am 5'9" , 160 pounds and weighed 7 pounds.

Go figure!!!


And by the way - best of luck with your delivery.  How was your last
delivery with such a big baby.  Thank goodness I had a Caesarean!!!

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