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[IP] Re: Exercise

Chicago's altitude is 578 feet, and I doubt that any part of Illinois is 
more than a few hundred feet higher than this! :)    I don't know where the 
change in basals becomes significant.  We flew into Denver and then drove 
straight up into the mountains (Rocky Mtn National Park, alt. 10,000ft), so 
I didn't have time to find out how Denver (altitude ~5200ft) affected me.  
Unfortunately, I didn't find out about the altitude factor (from this 
group) until after I got back home!

     Janet wrote:
     I imagine that going from Illinois to the Rockies represents a very 
     significant change in altitude.  How high were you when you 
     experienced the need to change your basal rates? (No puns intended!) I 
     realize Illinois is somewhere close to sea level.  I live just east of 
     the foothills to the Canadian Rockies.  The elevation here is about 
     4800ft.  That mountain hike I took put me up to 7300-7500 feet.  Does 
     that represent differences in elevation you experience? I'll have to 
     see if I notice any changes as I'll be in Portland, Oregon and St. 
     Louis at Christmastime (both nearly sea level).
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