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Re: [IP] Re: Poor man's pump, reply to Dianne

> > I think that if everyone put in
> > half as much energy as they do to the pump (granted you have a huge
> > cost insentive with the pump), they could end up with very similar
> > results. 
> Don't think so. Lily's basal rates are
> noon 0.5
> bedtime (note no time given) 1.1u/hr
> 2:00am 0.8
> Hmmm.... seems to me that the U an N curves don't really look like 
> that

This is the biggest problem with MDI/intensive therapy... to make it work on 
some of us we ended up on more than six shots a day and still had those 
regularly scheduled crashes...   I don't expend nearly as much energy under the 
pump regime as I did under MDI - and unlike MDI the pump actually works... I 
have a much more "normal" lifestyle where I don't have to always try to plot 
the curve and see if I will be doing anything important when the peaks or lows 
hit.  One of the "medical professionals" I talked to during the ten years I was 
trying to survive under MDI had the nerve to suggest getting up every two hours 
during the night to take a shot of R so I could get off of the U/N 
rollercoaster...  but that same one didn't think a pump was "useful"...

Randall P. Winchester
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