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Re: [IP] one word for Tina

Dear All Women:
       My best friend at the age of 40 had a mammography show a lump. The
surgeon she went to refused to biopsy it stating it was just scar tissue. 6
months later on the repeat mammogram the lump had tripled in size. The
lumpectomy showed cancer that had spread to the lymph system. less than 2
years later after Chemo, radiation and a bone marrow tansfer she was dead.
My advice always do your self exams, get regular mammograms and
always,always, always get a second opinion.


Kenneth L. Bernstein wrote:

> Dear Renee,
> Great message.  My wife (44) had a (clean) mammogram in April and self
> tested (soap test) in July and felt a lump.  Her Dr. suggested a needle
> biopsy (he said he thought it was a benign cyst) which we rejected and
> opted for  the removal of the mass.   You guessed it!!!! A  second
> lumpectomy with removal of 17 nodes, radiation and tamoxathin (sp) but
> we are now cancer free.
> So all of you ladies out there please self test and take care of
> problems early because the early findings are curable.
> Ken Bernstein
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