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[IP] insertion sites

janet wrote:

> did notice a red, slightly tender elevated bump at the site after 
> removing the old site.......is day #5 on this set........
> I usually keep the infusion set in about 4 days, sometimes
> less when I suspect absorption problems after I experience 
> unexplained high BG's.

> Have others re-filled their pump reserviors?  If so, how do you 
> do it and what has been your experience?

Janet. I reuse the syringe at LEAST 4 times, sometimes more...I usually can
NOT remember when i last changed it...I have never used one so long that the
numbers rub off, but I would say a box of 30 would last me over a year...When
I do this, I prepare it the same as if it was empty and I was starting over:

1.  Unhook it from me (I use the tender/comfort)
2. Take syringe out of pump.  Pull all insulin from tubing back into syringe
until I get bubbles in top of syringe.
3.  Disconnect tubing from syringe and attach the needle (which by the way, I
re-use Many many times.  The bent needle sets used to come with a USABLE cap
on the end that you could attach to the base of the needle and it stayed on -
unlike these cheap ones that come on the Comfort/Tender nowadays.  I don't use
the bent needles anymore but I kept 4 or 5 caps, and just attach them to the
needle after i remove it from syringe...I rotate needles every couple of
months, when ever it seems like it is having difficulty poking thru the bottle
4.  Draw insulin from bottle into syringe - get rid of bubbles by flicking
with my finger or a pen.  Remove needle, re cap it and re-attache tubing...
5. Prime as usual.

I get 5 or more days per set and like you, try to stretch - for a variety of
reasons - #1 being that I hate poking myself, so if my sugars are ok and the
site is not red or tender...what the heck - a day without poking is a good day

I would venture to say that your site being red and sore was NOT a result of
refilling the reservoir, but perhaps it was just a bad site, or was ready to
be changed anyway.

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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