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Re: [IP] just one question

Dear Heather and Diane,

Good question.  I have been on insulin for over 43 years.  In 1987 my
wife and I had a beautiful healthy girl.  She has filled our life with
more joy than I could have very imagined.

>From the very day we decided to have a child I worried about  her
someday having this disease.  From the first time she understood what I
was doing I shared all of my diabetes related activities.  This included
her watching me test my sugars and take my shots.

She is now 11 and entering that mysterious time zone when most of us
fell to diabetes.  Although it is scary that she may develop diabetes we
feel that she is so well adjusted  that if she did develop diabetes she
is prepared from the education she has has had in  her first eleven
years and is entering a time where technology will make the disease much
easier to handle.

This is a decision that only you cane make.  I am sure you will hear
from many Moms with diabetes that have had successful pregnancies and
have grown children without diabetes.   Good luck.....

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