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Re: [IP] Re: Poor man's pump, reply to Dianne

> I think that if everyone put in
> half as much energy as they do to the pump (granted you have a huge
> cost insentive with the pump), they could end up with very similar
> results. 

Don't think so. Lily's basal rates are

noon 0.5
bedtime (note no time given) 1.1u/hr
2:00am 0.8

Hmmm.... seems to me that the U an N curves don't really look like 

So, if you shoot with U or N and don't happen to fall asleep. OH 
BOY!!! If she has homework, she may stay up until midnight. The next 
night go to bed a 10:00. If she has a cold she needs 9hrs + a night, 
otherwise 7.  This does not work with shots. No way, no how

Sorry, only certain folks can get good results with MDI, not all.

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