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[IP] The Power of the Patients Going Public

This was posted today by a young Australian woman  
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Focus shifting to Type 1
Posted by Kate on November 15, 1998 at 21:13:54:

I was thrilled to hear recently that next year's International Diabetes
Federation, Western Pacific Region Meeting will have a whole day (out of 3)
focused on Type 1 diabetes. (Amongst this will be a session on young adults
chaired by yours truly and my Sydney counterpart Bronwyn Mills.) Maybe cure
research will get the spotlight? It's a start at least!

I am glad to report that our Inaugural Summit for Young Adults with Diabetes
on Saturday in Melbourne was a roaring success. I mean, throw 150+ 18-35 year-
olds with diabetes in a room together and get them to talk about a condition
which has us feeling very mortal (while our friends run around feeling
invincible), to say little of fear, anger, denial, etc and what happens? We
had fun. Seriously, we had a ball, or as one attendee decided to tell me very
early on "This kicks ass!" We had a couple of lectures: motivation, new
technologies, cure research; discussion forums and workshops and even a panel
of health professionals fielding questions from a hostile (but well behaved)
audience! And these people were right on the ball: not taking anything for
granted, lots of whats, whys and hows to the "experts" - who actually enjoyed
it - just! We also launched the Grey Ribbon on Saturday: Govenor General and
300 friends wore them, as did everybody at my Summit and hundreds of other
people all over the place.

So, it's all happening downunder!



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