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I have had several severe low sugars, usually in the morning when my wife
can't get me up.  The first was just after we got married, and I had been
transferred to a new city.  I trusted doctors a lot more than I do now.  The
new doctor changed my insulin pattern around, and I couldn't be wakened the
next morning.  My wife tried to put syrup in my mouth with her finger, and I
bit her.  She called the rescue squad, and the hospital shot me up with a
"push" of glucose.  I was awake before the needle was out of my arm.

I have not been able to get my blood sugars and A1Cs as low as I would like,
but I have not had any more bad low sugars since I switched to the pump.  In
fact, 3 bad low sugars in one month was the reason I decided to get the pump.

At 09:34 PM 11/14/98 -0500, P. C. wrote:
>I don't usually write to this group.  It's really for my wife Patty whose
>been a diabetic since she was 4.  She is now 35yrs old.  We have a 4 year
>old healthy boy and we wanted to have one more.  We switched from 2-3 shots
>a day to the pump.  She has been using it now since Feb.  She is now 8 weeks
>pregnant with an A1C of about 7.0.  That's when the specialists gave us the
>green light to try.  The other morning, as usual, I left the house about
>7:00am to go for my morning run.  I told my wife, who was still in bed and
>she said okay.  I usually get back about an hour later and take my son to
>preschool.  Well when I returned I immediately noticed my son was not
>dressed for school.  I ran into the bedroom and found my wife in a deep
>diabetic coma.  Her eyes were wide open, not blinking at all,  and breathing
>from her mouth on her back.  My son was just playing in the den and said
>mommy was really tired so he let her sleep.  I ran to the phone dialed 911
>and at the same time tried to give her OJ. I propped her up but the OJ
>wouldn't go down.  I kept trying the OJ little by little.  The paramedics
>came checked her sugar level(40) then gave her a shot and IV.  She came to
>3-5 minutes later.  We spent the morning in the ER.  Then we went to her
>OB-GYN specialist to check on the baby.  Everything is okay.  Here are my
>questions if anyone can help.
>This is the first time this has happened in her life.  Is there any way I
>can get sugar in her if she's not swallowing ?  I think some sugar from the
>OJ did get in her blood through her mouth - is that true?
>Does glucose jell get absorbed through the mouth ?
>When will pumps have an auto shut-off if the sugar level is low?
>How close was I to losing my wife?
>Is this common in other diabetics?
>I'm very upset and needed to talk to someone.  This scared me so much.
>Everytime I think about it I lose it.  Any kind words would be great,
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