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Hi Pete
  Well I have been on your wife's side quite a few times in the past 16 years.
There for a few years episodes like these were quite common it seemed.  Don't
give liquids when this happens.  Glucagon kit is the best bet.  I almost bit
my aunt's finger off one time when she gave me juice and sugar and then I
started choking and she tried to shove her finger down my throat and well.....
Not only is it scary for you, but if your wife felt like I have after these
episodes, it was very scary for her also.  It is almost like I have amnesia
after these spells.  I can't remember anything, and that is SCARY.  It takes a
whole day to get back to feeling "normal"  I had a spell while pregnant with
my first, and everything was OK, he is a healthy 5yo now.  If you would like
to talk to me about this please email.

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