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Re: [IP] RE: No Delivery?

I've gotten this "No delivery" message myself. It usually occurs in the middle
of a bolus. I've found that if i gently rub the site and then try to
administer the rest of the bolus that it clears itself up. Once I had real
problems with it repeatedly doing this when I was sitting down and after 3
tries I stood up and there were no more problems. It was kind of wierd. I tend
to put off changing the set unless I absolutely have to. 

Also, I've only been on the list for 3 days and I am really enjoying it. It is
so nice to know that there is support out there. There is no local support
group in my town that is specfically for pumpers and my experiences are so
different than the Type 2s. Im 29 years old and have been diabetic since I was
16.  I've been on the pump for 5 years (Disetronic for 4 and the MM 507 for
the last year) and don't plan on ever going back to shots, even with the
problems that the pump can sometimes cause. Thanks so much to the list
administrators who are making the IP list possible!

Tavares, FL (45 min. from Mickey and Minnie)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/