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Re: [IP] Dots on the map

Hey Michael!
	re: Rhode Island not being on the map

	I'm in Rhode Island.... and so is my dot(!), at least I think that's what
that is.  *grin*  I actually see a couple of us in RI, so the smallest state
in the union is fairly well represented.  Btw, I leave for southern Africa
on FRIDAY!!  Eeeeeeek!  I am soooo excited that I've driven my basal rates
down a whole 2 tenths of a point with all my dancing and fidgeting.  *lol*
Do I get extra points if I put South Africa on the pumpers map??  I will
have the distinct pleasure of touring the Durban diabetes clinic with my
South African friend, who is also a Type 1.  They can't wait to see my
pump!!  And I can't wait to show it off!  :)

Always in health,

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