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Re: [IP] DM Roundup:Reno

There used to be an annual diabetes retreat in the fall at Montreat, NC.
Does anyone know about it?

At 12:23 PM 11/12/98 -0800, Dante Jacobson wrote:
>just received this from a friend on another list.  thought you all would be
>interested in it.  hope to see you there.
>>I have had a couple of posts from folks who are interested in information 
>>on the DM Roundup in Reno.
>>Basically its a gathering of diabetics from *all* the lists over a 
>>weekend..or long weekend for some of us.
>>Several people put lots of effort into making this easy to manage and 
>>Natalie Sera acts as our hostess for the event as she lives in Reno.
>>Why Reno?  Inexpensive airline flights, reasonable hotel rates, bright 
>>lights/big city for some, trips to Lake Tahoe for others, gambling and 
>>the buffets too!
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