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John Neale wrote:
> > How close was I to losing my wife?
> Seeing someone have a bad hypo is certainly scary. But if you are
> otherwise healthy, and there are no extreme circumstances, you do not
> die from hypoglycemia. The body will, given time, recover quite
> naturally. 


I've seen several postings to this effect, that someone cannot die of
hypoglycemia. I don't wish to scare the gentleman whose sife had this
recent severe episode.  Although this is rare, it *is* possible to die
from hypogycemia.  One can die from a seizure.  I know someone who died
from a severe hypoglycemic episode, and though even more rare my Endo
told me about a patient of his who has permanant brain damage from
seizures caused by hypoglycemia.  This is why it is so scarey, that
death is a possibility.

Having "been there" many times, I am always thankful for surviving and
re-evaluate how this came about and how I can prevent this in the

Janet Riganti
Type 1 x 27 years
MM507C x 3 months

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