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Pete,  I am sorry to hear about your problems, but wanted to write and tell
you my husband and I have been through this.  My first pregnancy was difficult
because I became pregnant as an out-of-control diabetic person.  Everyone
thought my baby was going to be huge so they induced labor at 8 months and he
was small (6 lbs.)
Anyway, with my second pregnancy, I said this is going to be easy.  I had good
control and I was ready to have an easier pregnancy.  No Way!  It was harder.
I did alot of what your wife is doing.  I was dropping(passing out)in the
grocery store, at work, etc.  It had to do with my BGs falling so far so fast.
It would go from 300 to 20 in 5 minutes. I was not on the pump.  I was very
worried about what was happening to my baby.  The dr. told me that the fetus
gets what the fetus needs.  That was comforting to me so I just had to worry
about trying to regulate myself and not the health of my baby.  I do NOT
believe your wife was close to death.  I have been out for lengthy amounts of
time and I seem to just come around eventually.  I had had some bad reactions
as a child, but pregnancy did cause the most severe hypoglycemia I have ever
had before or since.  For me, hypoglycemia was a big problem just in the first
trimester.  My husband, like you, was in a panic. He learned pretty darn quick
how to use glucagon and drive fast to the ER.  Sometimes that glucagon just
doesn't work as fast as you think it should (like what the bottle says).  He
was wonderful as was my entire family, but it was rough.  Thankfully, I have
two very healthy boys (19 and 15 years old).  I would think being on a pump
would make the pregnancy easier. You will make it through this and your
marriage will be stronger because of it. Take care and good luck.  ellen 
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