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Re: [IP] Re: What motivates and parental involvement

Diane,  I agree with you 100%.  You are doing the right thing so don't let
anyone tell you differently.  I agree with the woman who wants a mommy
sometimes to help her out.  It's very true.  I get so tired of thinking about
all this stuff all the time.  It would be nice to have someone else figure out
some adjustments.  Unfortunately, I tend to do better than anyone else with
this.  Oh well.  I do think children with diabetes mature much faster than
other kids and are SMARTER!  OK, some might disagree.
I don't necessarily think they are academically smarter, but common sense
It's probably true of a lot of children with chronic diseases.
Anyway, I liked what you said and I think Lauren is lucky that you are her
mom.  ellen 
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