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Re: [IP] Pregnancy BGs

I was told that when BG are to high that the baby fills with excessive fluids,
not that it grows to fast?  Like I said before, my BG were high most of my
pregnancy, and my son was born a healthy 8lb. 8oz.  He was a little
hypoglycemic when he was born but that is expected in any diabetic pregnancy.
I think it all depends on you, not something someone suggested, that has
become a guideline.  If I had listened to what everyone else had told me I
would have had to have an abortion because my son would have been born a fluid
filled, headless baby with Downs Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifada, and
an under developed heart.  That is certainly no excuse for one to let their
Bg's get out of control.  What happened with me may be totally the complete
opposite for someone else.  
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