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Re: [IP] Loose Infusion Sets ~~~~~

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998 email @ redacted wrote:
> I know I have seen this thread go through the pump list but that was "before"
> Laura was pumping.    Laura is having consistent problems with the adhesive on
> her Tenders coming loose.  The sight still seems to be good as she is still
> having good bs readings but the adhesion is not staying on.  

> something - could there be a problem with the adhesion?  


I suspect all we can do as a group is report to you what works for us.

Lily changes her set before or after bathing, doesn't seem to make a 
difference. She is very particular about site preparation and has only 
had problems with the adhesive under the hottest sweatiest conditions.

Her procedure:

Swab with iodine pad or stick (pads are not as messy)
  let dry
Clean residue with alcohol wipe
  let dry
Apply Smith & Nephew I.V. prep wipe
  let dry
Insert infusion set

She uses the same procedure for both Tenders and SofSets,
although she uses Polyskin II with the SofSet rather than
the tape shipped with the set (it comes off).

Other members have reported first applying a roll on anti-perspirant 
before beginning the site prep procedure to eliminate problems due
to sweating.

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