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Re: [IP] Pregnancy BGs

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> I've recently read and heard about pregnancy "ideal" bg levels that range from the
> 80-140 range, the 50-75 range, the 60-80 range and so on (many variationg.  I read
> that running a little lower is important during pregnancy.  Does anyone know for
> certain the ideal range and what is really "best" (not what is feasible -- I got
> that part)?   I can't seem to get two people, two books, two articles, two
> anything that have consistent numbers.

The whole thing boils down to risk mitigation for the mother and child. 
Basically there are two problems (assuming reasonable control).

When bg's are too high, the fetus grows too fast, becomming large too 
quickly. This results in an overweight baby that potentially will not fit 
through the birth canal, thus endangering both the mother and child.

The second problem happens after the baby is born. The fetus was 
producing excess insulin on a regular basis to cope with high glucose 
levels in it's blood stream produced by mom. After birth, the baby is 
still aclimated to produce high levels of insulin and in the absense of 
mom's extra glucose, becomes hypoglycemic. I don't know what variables 
affect the degree and severity of the hypoglycemia, but is does go away. 

In both of the above cases, better control equates with fewer problems 
for both mom and child. The risk of over insulinization while trying to 
achieve control that is too tight has it's own set of problems including 
severe hypos, and potential developmental impairment of the fetus as a 
result. These risks are supposed to be low since the fetus gets first 
dibs on everything in mom's system (ahead of mom). 

Perhaps a few of the med-pros out there can add a little to this.

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