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On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> > > Is this common in other diabetics?
> > Yes, but more so for those on shots with long acting insulin.
> Are you sure this is true?  If so, it's a relatively recent development.  It was

Only from ancedotal evidence on the list. We could take a poll, but that 
would not be scientific. The common thread running through many profiles 
is that there a lot of people who have switched to the pump to avoid the 
continuous roller coaster and constant crashes. There follows this a 
continuous stream of reports that the 'lows' have become less frequent 
and easier to manage with a pump. You're right, this is nothing more than 
hearsay at this point, but it's comming from a pretty reliable source, 
700 pumpers.

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