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Re: [IP] Pregnancy BGs

After my Pregnancy (not that it did me much good) I was given a sheet that had
ridiculously low sugars set for pregnant diabetics.  I know if I had been that
low during my pregnancy I would have been lost the whole time.  Seriously I
think it was something crazy like 50-90.  But don't go off what I say cause I
think that is to low.  During the second trimester my sugars were real high, I
even had a medical student tell me that my baby was going to be born with no
head, if I didn't get my sugars down.  LOOSER!!!  Talk about freaking someone
out!  But during my third trimester my sugars came down (remember I was on
shots) and I even had to eliminate my NPH at night because I was testing in
the 40's during the night.  Your best bet would be to talk to a professional!
Which I certainly am not.  Good luck!
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