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>Hypo-related deaths (of which there are many) are caused by what happens
>to you whilst you're having the hypo (eg you crash your car, fall out of
>a window etc.) rather than by the hypo itself.

It is amazing how the body will always recover from an untreated hypo.
There are two exceptions though:

A gross overdose of insulin will kill *anyone*.  If for example a huge
error is made in dosage of short acting (like transposing the amounts of
long acting and short acting (in my case: 2H & 18L = 2L & 18H w/o food) the
liver can't catch up to the huge amount of H in time avert death.

Also, a *severe* extended untreated hypo can csuse severe brain damage.  I
know of a case here where a boy was unconsious form a hypo overnight and he
is now a vegitable.  But he didn't die.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

"Silence is a lie.  Silence has a loud voice.  It shouts, 'Nothing
important is happening -- don't worry.' So, when something important IS
going on, silence is a lie."  -A.M. Rosental

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