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Re: [IP] The Abbreviations

> I was just wondering, when I looked at the faq about abbreviations used
> I noticed the different types of insulin. Before I went on the pump I
> had been on Actrapid, Protaphane and Ultratard at various times. What I
> would like to know is where do these fit in with all these other types
> of insulin. The only one that is familiar is Humalog.


I'll chase up Bob to fix this. I may have some input here. The names
given by the drug companies (Lilly and Novo principally) to the various
insulins varies from country to country. Novo have a habit of renaming
existing insulins as well. Protophane recently was renamed Insulatard in
the UK.

Humulin R in the US is Humulin S in Britain. Confused? Me too. The same
bottle of insulin is called Huminsulin in Germany.

The 3 that you mention translate as follows:

Actrapid = Regular
Protophane = NPH (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn)
Ultratard = Ultralente

That help?

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