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[IP] Loose Infusion Sets ~~~~~

Hello Friends!  

I know I have seen this thread go through the pump list but that was "before"
Laura was pumping.    Laura is having consistent problems with the adhesive on
her Tenders coming loose.  The sight still seems to be good as she is still
having good bs readings but the adhesion is not staying on.  

Is this normal?  She does not sweat and so far this time around I have kept
her from taking a bath just to see if that was the problem.  We put it in
Friday morning and by Saturday night it was almost completely loose and
hanging by the cannella and a small portion of the adhesive.  (she is still
getting good bs readings from it)   This was not a problem with the first few
infusion sets but the last 4 have come loose very quickly.    Just thought of
something - could there be a problem with the adhesion?  

Would love any suggestions. 

I also want to THANK all the parents and pumpers who have responded to my
earlier posts this past month.  Your suggestions have been very welcomed by
Laura, myself and my husband.  We appreciate each and everyone who took the
time to write suggestions to our problems.  At this point Laura wouldn't give
up the pump for anything!  I think it was more of an adjustment (setting
basals etc) than I thought it would have been but wouldn't trade it now for
anything!!!  To quote Laura, "I love my pump - SHE is my best friend!."   I
had always thought  the pump was a male!  <grin>  Being as it is 3am and I
can't sleep I sure hope this letter makes sense!!!

Sherri Lynn~
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/