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Re: [IP] Pregnancy BGs

I've recently read and heard about pregnancy "ideal" bg levels that range from the
80-140 range, the 50-75 range, the 60-80 range and so on (many variationg.  I read
that running a little lower is important during pregnancy.  Does anyone know for
certain the ideal range and what is really "best" (not what is feasible -- I got
that part)?   I can't seem to get two people, two books, two articles, two
anything that have consistent numbers.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Pete-
> I am glad to hear that she is all right!  I have a son of my own, he is just 3
> months old.  I was not on the pump during my pregnancy (I wish I had been, I
> would have been able to keep much tighter control)  Everyone is different when
> it comes to low BG.  My Dr. had me taking glucagon if my sugars were below 60.
> I had a couple of doozy reactions during the first trimester, in fact I got
> lost in our 1 bedroom apt. during one of them.  They make glucagon that comes
> already in the syringe now.  All you have to do is shake it up, and inject.  I
> have noticed now that I am on the pump that I can feel reactions "coming on"
> at higher BG.  Whereas when I was on shots I would get to the 60 before I
> would notice, now I feel at 80's.  I wonder if this is so with your wife?
> Also during my whole pregnancy the key to keeping out of those lows were
> Testing before and after meals and twice during the night, it was a pain, but
> far better than waking up unsure of where I was, or who I was.  I hope that
> the rest of her pregnancy is more enjoyable!
> Jen
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