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[IP] Re: Reality of complications

I think it was Fran that first commented on Michael being "so harsh"
stating the "complications" followed by a few other list
members...you're serious right?!?! (Sorry, I am not trying to be
sarcastic) He was stating reality!  Reality sucks, isn't that a bumper
sticker?!?  Sure, I can be in the tightest control ever, pump or shots,
and still lose a leg...or I could run 400 continously (like this week)
BUT I bet the 400 person would lose that leg a lot sooner and with a lot
more just feeling plain crappy!  Statistics are usually the proven
evidence...Michael, I guess the truth HURTS but so does losing leg I
suppose, don't you agree?!?!?  :-)  Some people can face reality others
choose to "ignore" (for lack of better words) !  My .02 worth.  ~Tonya

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