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[IP] Re: Why do you have children?

Why do eat peas (if you do)?
Why do you eat lunch at 1 p.m. instead of 12 noon (if you do)?
Why do you NOT like the color blue (if you don't)?
Why do you NOT listen to hard rock music (if you don't)?
It's called A CHOICE!!!!  I think people have given many wonderful
responses to this question, if the sender of  the question is
listening.  I have no children...YET.  I have certainly thought the same
question to myself BUT would I NOT have children solely because I have
diabetes...CERTAINLY NOT!  I mean no disrespect in saying this but if
you were CONFIDENT within yourself I don't think you would have posed
the question the way you did?!?!?  I'm not sure if diabetes really has
anything to do with your decision (this is the counselor in me comming
out...sorry!)  I am a counselor that works with children and I agree
with the people that state there are plenty of other things that can "go
wrong" with having a child (mentally or physically).  Every thing  in
your life brings you to the place you are at now! (Deep!) But really,
if  I wasn't diabetic I don't think I would have the responsibility,
sense of  humor, motivation, determination, and BITING sarcasm I have
now.  I would love to be put out of a job (hoping  all kids would be
born "perfect") BUT it will never happen.  The choice is YOURS...do
research, build your confidence, have a child IF YOU WANT but don't cast
a stone to those adults that DO have kids or will soon have kids and
those adults are diabetic (not that that was the intention of your
question?!?)   Let us know what you are thinking of ALL these
responses...did you think you'd get so many?  Have your views changed
any?!  Sincerely ~ Tonya D.  :-)

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