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Re: [IP] Re: What motivates and parental involvement

On Sat, 14 Nov 1998, DIANE MASSEY wrote:

> I decided early on that Lauren would get as much support from me as she
> needed.... it seems contrary to popular opinion where kids are expected to
> care for their diabetes at an early age, i.e., draw and give their own
> shots and perform all blood tests.  Yes, I still do alot of this for
> Lauren, prepare the infusion, insert it, figure basals, help put the stuff
> together for the blood test.  Of course, Lauren can do all of this but I am
> trying to share her burden and I hope she never has to feel alone on
> this....... 
It is a fine line to walk between giving them all the support they need 
vs support they want. It is difficult sometimes as a parent to assume the 
role of educator so that your child has the tools to look out for 
themselves and be independent. I know it took a couple of years with Lily 
to teach her all she needed to know to be an 'independent' pumper, not 
dependent on her parents for every little thing. Around age 13 she began 
to take over (with some encouragement). She now is as independent as 
other children her age who do not have diabetes. Hmmm... at 15 I guess 
pretty soon I'm going to have to stop calling her a child.

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